Hello, traveler!

Glad to see you in the «city M», as locals say, or Minsk — the capital of our mother Belarus! If your friendship with Minsk just began — or, probably, you came to see Minsk as an old friend — we promise to surprise you at any of our tours!

Our guides

Alex is hyperactive and charismatic guy, who at his age managed to live in several countries, which only strengthened his love for Belarus! He is always hungry for new knowledge and acquaintances. His proper preparation for each tour surprises, and no one remains indifferent to Minsk in the end.

Yuliya is a person with a big heart and love for all guests of Belarus. This is especially evident during her tours! In addition to the fact that the tourists notice her delightful knowledge about the city, she is constantly looking for new unique info to share with you during Free tour in Minsk!

Bahdan is involved in many interesting projects of Minsk. This guy with education of a diplomat successfully applies his diplomatic skills in communication with tourists during his breathtaking tours. No single interesting or hidden attraction will be missed with him!

Alexandra is a peaceful girl with a large store of knowledge, which she is happy to share during her tours. She teaches English in local schools and is always willing to answer all your questions.

Vlad is extraordinary intellectual. His reserved and detailed way of taking excursions allows participants to go deep into the topics and get the unique information about Minsk and Belarus.

Nikita is a storm of knowledge about Minsk and whole Belarus. His excursions are breathtaking and energetic. Nikita works as a research fellow at National Art museum in Minsk and has a very spacious mind.

We have only local guides in our team! They are excited to show you the most interesting and hidden spots in Minsk and even share the talks and drinks after tours!

Our partners

Our tours organized by idea of White Wings travel agency and great support of our amazing guides and partners
White Wings travel agency
Plosca Svabody, 23 room 16 «v»
Minsk, Belarus
ООО «ВайтВинкз»
плошча Свабоды, 23, пам.16 «в»
Мінск, Беларусь